Durbin rank sum test for non-parametric, repeated measures data with missing values


Hi all,

I am using PMCMR package in R to do a Durbin test for multiple comparisions (non parametric, repeated measures, data with missing values; alternative to ANOVA, Kruskal wallis, Friedman’s tests). Has anyone used it before? I do not know how to interpret the output from R:
Durbin rank sum test
Durbin chi-squared = 182.020, NA = 286.080, NA = 56.714, NA = 70.137, NA = 71.727, df = 4, p-value < 2.2e-16, p-value <2.2e-16, p-value 1.421e-11, p-value 2.123e-14, p-value 9.799e-15

I have five columns of data and 39 rows. I do not know what each of these p values mean.