Next R Users Group Meeting Upcoming!


G’day present and future R Users!

Next R Users Group Meeting upcoming! It will take place Tuesday
26.07.2016 in the Biology Tearoom as usual. Ina Geedicke will introduce
some tools to create maps using R.
So everyone who always wanted to start creating beautiful maps or is doing this
already on a daily basis is very welcome.

See you all next week!




I can’t make it this week :frowning:
Please share the commented code afterwards if you can!


Thank you for letting us know…and yes, I will upload the script later on :slight_smile:


Hey Everyone,

please download these files for our R users meeting on how to make map:

See you soon!



Somehow this is really complicated with getting access to the google drive folder… let’s see if it works better with dropbox:

See you, Ina


Hi Ina,

I was just looking through the code you have on the Maps file you gave us and I noticed that at the bottom you have little notes that you can click that take you to certain sections of the script. I have no idea what it is called so I am not having any luck finding how to do it on the internet. Would you be able to tell me what it is and how I can do it? It will make organising my scripts sooooo much easier.




Hi Samiya,

I didn’t even know the function myself!! Just noticed that my script is in chapters when you wrote to me. BUT I found out how to do it on purpose - you are right this makes organizing so much easier!

To declare a new chapter you have to start your line with a “#” , then write whatever you want and finish the line with four or more “#”, “-” or “=”.

Here is a link to more organizing and folding options in R studio:

Thank for discovering this little note button!

Cheers, Ina


Awesome, thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile: