R Users Group -Introduction to ggplot2 30.08.2016


Next Tuesday, 30.08.2016 - R Users Group Meeting

Come along if you are interested in plotting graphs the way YOU want! ggplot2 will be introduced to emphasize some advantages of this popular R package. It is intuitive, has a simple grammar and heaps of online support!

I will guide you through some examples and provide resources for you that are directly linked to my introduction. After our meeting, you will be able to continue from where we stopped and will be supported by various online material to keep on improving your plotting skills and create plots like this one:

Please bring:

Looking forward to see you next Tuesday, 30.08.2016 @ 2.30pm (Beginner) and 3:00pm (User Group Core)



Hi Rene. Can’t seem to get into the “rar” file. Is this some kind of compression? (I’m on a Mac)


Hey Josh…

I quickly added another archive to the folder. This one is a .zip file…Is that better?