Reading data from Dropbox


Hi everyone. Aniko wins the chocolate frog for her challenge about how to read data from Dropbox. We found this:

Install the package: install.packages("rdrop2")

And then follow the instructions. The part that caught us the other day was this warning:

httpuv not installed, defaulting to out-of-band authentication

If you get this warning, simply install the httpuv package and try again. Worked for me!

This is definitely a cool way to store data remotely and securely (i.e., not having to have it on your computer) and still being able to access it for your analyses.


Congratulations Aniko! Just a little issue I once experienced with accessing data from online platforms.

When setting up sync functions for (one drive, cloud, dropbox…) from different terminal devices for just one folder which might be linked with referencing software or other software that can automatically access this folder your data is in danger to be corrupted due to critical access points…

I do not think that this is a problem here but it came to my mind when reading this.