Some useful links for R, coding, stats


G’day all. I’ve started maintaining a categorised public list of useful links for R, coding and statistics. Feel free to throw your own suggestions in this thread.


It might be a little basic but for anyone who is new to R this reference card could be helpful.


Nice idea…why did I noticed it so late?!

Here is a link somebody from our R Users Group shared:

FYI, here is a quite nice visualisation of common statistical tasks and the corresponding R packages and functions (open-source) useful for various disciplines:




This is great! Since I originally posted, I found another good source of free R information on stackexchange.

Also, the intro to R slideshow that UCLA has put up could be really good for someone just starting out. This site also provides lots of reference material like books and learning modules. Pretty thorough, and you can go through it at your own speed which is nice.




Hopefully, I am not the only one, but I just discovered shortcuts for the assignment operator (Alt and -) and the pipe operator (Ctrl+Shift+m)! Check it out


Hello, Colleagues.

I hope you’re all well and making the most of the remnants of the warmish weather!

Stats Central at UNSW Sydney is running three short courses in June on introductory statistics using R. These courses are open to anyone who is interested in developing their statistical skills for research. Could you please circulate this email to anyone you know who might be interested.

Introduction to R – Tuesday, 13th June 2017
This will help you start to learn the R package from scratch.
For more information and bookings:

Introductory Statistics for Researchers – Wednesday & Thursday, 14th & 15th June 2017
The course provides an overview of basic statistical design and analysis methods.
For more information and bookings:

Introduction to Regression Modelling in R – late June
The core outcome from this course is to recognise that most statistical methods you use can be understood under a single framework, as special cases linear models.
Details will be finalised by mid-May.

For information about our short course programme:

If you’d like any information not provided at the links above, please contact us at:

Best wishes,
Peter Geelan-Small

for Stats Central

Peter Geelan-Small AStat
Stats Central
Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre
University of New South Wales NSW 2052